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There are plenty of factors that hinder your website growth. Let us understand your requirement so we can shoot you to the stars.

What We Do

We design & deploy websites alongside SEO with results


Search Engine

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Web-Design & Development

How does PreFylt deffer from its competitors?

We treat building a website as painting a masterpiece. Elegant & Precise at first glance.

Search Engine Optimization

How can PreFlyt rank my website number 1?

Understanding human behaviour is key to ranking. Bet no SEO agency told you that.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

How can PreFlyt get me more sales through PPC?

Our strategies sell emotions. The PPC platforms handle the rest.

Why Choose Us

We've helped more than 50 clients worldwide

There’s no major secret as to why clients love to work with us. We understand your requirement, your budget and your goals. Our design & marketing strategies are perfected to engage your viewers, turning them into customers hence driving you more business.

Our Experience

We care about the outcome. Always passionate & savvy

We believe in “Trusting The Process”. Because that is what has always yielded us the best results. Our passion for generating more business for our clients has always been our number 1 priority.

Our Team

Two real humans, we make it happen!

Shridatt Zambodekar

Co-Founder, PreFlyt

Nikhil Jadhav

Co-Founder, PreFlyt

Let Us Help

We can help you achieve your desired business goals, that's a promise!

We love discussing new ideas, projects or strategies that could help you drive more traffic and get more business. Ready to hop on?